Trekking: enjoy the mountain adventure to the fullest

The trekking is the sport par excellence that allows you to experience the mountains surrounded by uncontaminated nature. During the walk, in fact, the participants will be able to breathe the pure and fresh air, removing their thoughts and rediscovering the tranquility of life in the open air. Taking part in a trek, whether it is a few hours or several days, will be a real panacea for anyone who feels the need to get back in touch with their inner self.

Practicing trekking and hiking is however not something to be taken lightly. You need to know your training level and limits. You will have to be aware of what the preparation and equipment necessary for a trip to the mountains are. Let’s see in detail all the tips and tricks useful to live this unforgettable experience in safety and joy.

Origin and history of trekking
Curiously, the term trekking was not born in the context of walking and mountain tourism. Trekking derives from the English to trek (in its meaning of “to make a long journey”, “to migrate”) and was referred to the Dutch colonists forced to leave South Africa following the English invasion in the 19th century. To escape they used paths and rough and bumpy, which forced them to move slowly. From here, the meaning then evolved to the one we know today.

The development of mountain tourism took place in the last century and at the beginning it was reserved only for the nobles, who could enjoy stays in the most beautiful high-altitude areas. Thriving towns were built with every comfort, from luxurious villas to spas. Hence the need to have a network of well-marked and passable paths, which would satisfy the demanding wealthy tourists coming from the cities. Today, fortunately, the mountains are within everyone’s reach and trekking is a sport that can be undertaken with the use of cheap equipment.