3 outdoor sports to have fun and burn calories

1 – Horse riding
Horseback riding is a sport that offers you great benefits for both body and mind.

If you think that riding means being comfortably seated in the saddle, you are wrong.

This sport helps you develop coordination, is good for your back and posture , all while burning around 300 calories for every hour of riding.

Horseback riding is an activity that allows you to learn how to have a sense of responsibility towards others and also to relate to those who are different from you .

Try the horse farm inside the Majella National Park
If you want to experience this sport in places of extreme natural beauty , combining physical activity with eco-sustainable tourism, you can experience the offers of the Majella Morrone Equestrian Park.

It is a structure that is dedicated to offering enthusiasts a careful choice of trips, trekking, adventures on horseback and in carriage in the most beautiful and evocative places of the Majella National Park .

Watch the video and discover the magic of a horseback riding holiday full of adventure.

2 – Walking, trekking and hiking

f you love nature and the outdoors, hiking is the ideal activity for you.

You will burn calories (up to 860 kcal / hour, if uphill at high intensity) as you walk and enjoy the beauty of the woods and landscapes.

Walking is a sport suitable for everyone, even if you have to pay attention to differences in height.

Excursions with Majambiente
If you venture into nature, it is important that you contact associations that can suggest the most suitable routes for you, such as Majambiente , which is located in Caramanico Terme, a spa and tourist resort in the Orta river valley, practically the ” capital” of Majella National Park.

From the center of Caramanico, the paths start that go into the valley and lead to high altitudes.

The Majambiente visitor center is responsible for providing information to those who want to go hiking in the park. It suggests places to visit and the most suitable itineraries according to the degree of preparation . In fact, they range from the simplest route, of about 1 hour and a half, to more demanding rings of 3-4 hours, up to trekking experiences of 8 hours and more .

If you’ve never hiked before, a good idea might be to take a basic hiking course , which can teach you how to move independently , but always safely .

3 – Climbing

With climbing you develop strength and endurance , you increase agility, elasticity and develop concentration .

In addition, stressing the arms, which are not used to supporting the weight of the body, burns a lot of calories. 540 kcal / hour for moderate activity and up to 750 kcal / hour for intense activity.

It is an activity not recommended for those suffering from joint problems or those who are heavily overweight, because the fatigue would be excessive.

It is instead super recommended for those suffering from depression or who think they have low self-esteem.

In fact, the goal of climbing, to reach the top, is also a goal of overcoming one’s limits .

The rock gym of Rocca Morice
With its 2km in length, the Bear Wall (this is its real name) is one of the largest structures in Italy for rock climbing.

This wall is part of a project born in 1984 from the will of the well – known mountaineer Giampiero di Federico , which involved the equipment of a certain number of climbing routes and the construction of a guesthouse with a snack bar in Rocca Morice .

Over the years, the guesthouse has been transformed into a B&B with a restaurant, the Bear Wall has been enhanced (today it receives the visit of about 100,000 people every year ) and another 300 climbing routes have been added.

A perfect sport for you, but also for your children , who will learn the existence of limits and how to manage them safely, since complete equipment is required to have fun without risk .